Planning Approval for Solar Scheme

Planning approval for the largest solar plus storage project to be built in Wales has just been granted. The Anglesey scheme has been developed by Countryside Renewables, with whom we have worked for several years on the landscape design for this project. The 190 acre site includes landscape and biodiversity enhancements, with a mile-long wildlife corridor and wildflower planting. The site will continue to be used as an area where sheep may safely graze.

Anglesey, dubbed the ‘Energy Island’, is a unique location in terms of renewable resources. On a clear day it will be possible to see five clean energy technologies from the top of Copper Mountain; harnessing tidal, solar and wind power, as well as nuclear fission.The scheme will generate enough energy to power 14,000 pure electric cars, or 15,500 average UK homes, annually. It will be the first in Wales of a new generation of solar projects that includes an option for energy storage, which can be released at times of peak demand. Countryside Renewables Managing Partner John Dunlop, comments that the storage option at the project, “allows it to deliver the Government’s three objectives of secure, clean and affordable energy supplies”.