Introducing MHP Arboriculture

MHP Arboriculture launched on June 25th with the arrival of Matt Reid, who has joined the team at MHP to head up the new arboricultural consultancy. Our aim is to provide a fast professional service to consultants, developers and landowners.

With 19 years of industry experience, Matt is a professional member of the Arboricultural Association, and also of the the Institute of Chartered Foresters.

There has been a growing demand for a fast reliable arboricultural service that includes tree surveys, assessments and practical advice. We have worked closely with arboriculturists for many years, but bringing this resource inhouse means that MHP can now offer an integrated approach to landscape design and arboricultural consultancy.

We offer a wide range of services; including tree surveys, structural damage investigations, arboricultural impact assessment and expert witness services.

Our new website also launched on June 25th at